Android : Good to know, Part-1

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This will be a series, where I will be posting good to know tidbits in the world of Android Development and Kotlin.

Thread.sleep(x) v/s Coroutine’s delay(x)

Thread.sleep(x) causes the current thread to suspend execution for a specified period, where as delay(x) only suspends a specific couroutines running on a thread, p.s: there can be multiple couroutines running on a single thread, and hence the rest of the couroutines will continue with their execution.

On which thread does DiffUtil.ItemCallBack<T> work ?

Diffs are calculated on a background thread and the adapter is notified with the results on the main thread.

ListAdapter in two words :D

RecycleView + DiffUtil

What is IdRes ?

Denotes that an integer parameter, field or method return value is expected to be an id resource reference.

eg: @IdRes val layoutId: Int

How to disable ViewBinding file generation for a specific layout file ?


//your layout views go here

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